Orthodontic dept.

Those looking to improve their dental health and enjoy a new self-esteem can accomplish their goals through orthodontic treatment.

Benefits from orthodontics can be gained at different age levels; childhood, teens, as well as during adulthood. Children as young as 7 years old, can improve their rotated or crowded teeth or bring back the teeth,in addition to correcting growth problems of either the upper or the lower jaw.

Adults can also enjoy the many benefits of orthodontic care. It is becoming more common and trendy to see adults wearing braces in pursuit of a more attractive face and smile and healthier gums. For those who shy away from braces, a new technology called (Invisalign) could be their answer. This technology aims at straightening teeth without the use of conventional braces.

To learn more about these procedures and how orthodontics can change your life, consult our specially-trained and highly-qualified team of orthodontists, whose main goals are to improve your smile easily and comfortably.