Endodontic dept.

With our high standard of care and absolute believe in saving all teeth, you will be offered root canal treatment whenever it is needed. The primary purpose of Endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) is to retain teeth that would otherwise have to be removed due to injury of the dental pulp.

It involves the use of a filling to replace the damaged soft inner core of the tooth. As with any filling, the damaged part of the tooth is removed and replaced. Following this, additional restoration, ranging from a tooth-colored composite resin filling to a protective crown, is required. However, once completed, the tooth will once again be a fully functional and esthetically pleasing.

At Image Dental Center, we provide up to date root canal treatment using the latest technology available. These include:

1)Third generation apex locators for accurate measurements and readings.
2)Rotary cleaning and shaping of canals using Pro taper, Profile and K3 for one time use for infection control.
3)Canal Obturation using heat generated System B and Obtura 11.
4)Surgical microscope for accurate and detailed treatment.

We understand some patients anxiety when having some dental procedures done, and since your comfort is our ultimate goal, we offer oral sedation or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to ease the discomfort.