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Posted on : 25 Aug, 2022

Extraction is the complete removal of a primary or a permanent tooth. An Extraction can be surgical or non-surgical. This depends on the difficulty of the extraction and whether or not the tooth is impacted or erupted, and whether it has straight or curved roots.

No one looks forward to an extraction, but modern anesthesia will help keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

Reasons for an extraction are:

1) Advanced Gum Disease. This is the  reason adults loose their teeth!
2) An abscessed tooth that cannot be saved. 
3) A tooth with decay too deep to save the tooth. 
4) A tooth that has broken at the gum line and cannot be saved. 

Impacted tooth (typically a  Wisdom Tooth )
Nothing is better than a healthy set of teeth, and many advances in dentistry allow us to save teeth that we could not previously, but sometimes an extraction is necessary.