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Posted on : 21 May, 2023

There are several elements to create a comfortable experience for your dental appointment: 

Comfort and Relaxation:

The first step is to make you relaxed and comfortable. From the comfortable environment in our reception area to the soothing environment we have created around the dental chairs, no detail is too small when your comfort is concerned. Our caring, professional staff are committed to create a stress-free environment for your comfort.


Some patients need a little help achieving a relaxed state. Nitrous Oxide ( laughing gas ) is available when needed to make you more comfortable. 

Topical Anesthetic:

A topical anesthetic can be used any time the surface of the gum needs to be  numbed , such as easing the discomfort of a painful mouth sore or preparing a site for an injectable local anesthetic.

Post-visit Analgesics:

Generally, if there is any discomfort at all after a dental procedure, over-the-counter analgesics such as aspirin or non-aspirin pain relievers are all that is needed. In exceptional circumstances a prescription pain reliever will be used.